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My name is Raul Jenson and I am a Joomla! web designer. Here's why you should hire my services.


I've got over 10 years of experience as a web designer, and several hundreds of completed projects.


I know how to combine colors, textures, fonts and backgrounds. In fact, Photoshop is my middle name ;)


Need an ecommerce site that's optimized for search engines right off the bat? Hire me to boost revenue.


Most designers build your site, take your money, and then disappear. I am always here when you need help.


I am an experienced Joomla! web developer who can turn your ideas into reality. I build responsive/mobile sites that work great with all the popular browsers. I can also work with existing developers, in case that you need extra help. I look forward to hearing from you!


horizonJoomla! 4 is on the horizon

The installation process has been simplified, being more user friendly. The frontend and backend user interfaces are now based on Bootstrap 4. The media manager has been rebuilt, including powerful image editing features. A new publishing workflow, which helps users manage articles easily, as well as new security features round up this update. Finally, developers want to create a cleaner codebase; deprecated 3.x functions will be removed.


securityJoomla! infection rates are dropping

This is the result of a recent Data Alliance report, which has analyzed over 10,000 infected websites, totaling close to 2,000,000 files. According to the report, most users keep the CMS updated, and this has made it possible to reduce the number of infected Joomla! sites to under 4%. Another key factor is the reduced number of needed CMS extensions, which minimize the number of attack vectors, and thus the risks of getting a site infected.


cmsJoomla! is the 2nd most popular CMS

According to W3 Techs, the Web Technology Surveys company, WordPress continues to keep its first place in the "Usage statistics and market share" list. However, Joomla! is now being used by over 5% of all websites that utilize a known CMS. Since W3 Techs monitors the content management systems that are utilized for about 55% of the websites, it means that Joomla! is used by about 2.9% of all sites in the entire world.




ecommerceIt's the ideal solution for ecommerce websites

Joomla! has a very flexible access control mechanism, which allows you to set different user groups without effort. You can quickly set up, and then use a single site to sell to people and resellers at the same time, for example.

contentIt makes adding and editing content a breeze

This CMS is perfect for people who want to create, edit and stream content. Besides ecommerce sites, you can use Joomla!-based sites to create training resources, YouTube-like clones, sports sites, news sites, regular blogs, etc.

user friendlyIt's user friendly and easy to tweak

Unlike other content management systems, Joomla! is very easy to use. And with powerful extensions such as Akeeba Backup Core, you can quickly create site backups that can be used to restore the site if something goes wrong.


testimonialDenise Mitchell

"We have hired Raul to redesign our site and create better graphics for it. It's been a real pleasure to work with him, and we will definitely use his services again in the future."

testimonialTimothy Nielsen

"I have worked with Mr. Jenson on a number of projects and I've always been pleased with the results of his work. He is always responsive and ready to go the extra mile to keep his clients happy."

testimonialRichard Nichols

"I've known Raul since we were kids, and I've recommended him to several companies. If you need a high quality website or custom web development work done, he is easily one the best!"