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statistics30+ Joomla! statistics

Did you know that Joomla! has been downloaded over 100 million times? More than 2 million sites run this popular CMS, making it the second largest content management system in the world, with a 5.7% market share. Almost 10% of business-oriented sites choose Joomla! for their projects, and over 1 million people have created accounts on the official forum. These are just a few of the 30+ Joomla! stats that can be accessed by clicking the link below.


templatesBest software to create Joomla! templates

If you aren't a coder, you can still create good looking Joomla! templates by using WYSIWYG tools. The article below highlights Artisteer – Automated Web Designer, Themler – Visual Template Designer, the Easy Website Template Generator, Template Creator and Linelabox. You should work with a web designer if you need a professional Joomla-based site, but these tools are a good option for people who want to design basic websites.


versusWordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla!

When it comes to popular content management systems, WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal are easily amongst people's top 3 favorites. However, Joomla! is often the best solution for companies that need to create websites which can be managed easily. While WordPress installations are often vulnerable, mostly because they use less safe plugins, Joomla! and Drupal are more secure if people take the time to set them up properly.


extensionsBest Joomla! extensions

Many Joomla! extensions have powerful features, adding amazing functionality to our websites. This article highlights 25 of the best extensions, including JCE (Joomla Content Editor) which helps users create any type of content without touching a single line of code, Shack Forms which allows people to embed custom forms in their articles and pop-ups, OSMap which creates search engine friendly sitemaps without needing the user's intervention, and many more.


codeCodelobster, a portable IDE that supports Joomla!

CodeLobster IDE is a freemium cross-platform IDE for PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript development. The free version is very generous, though, and the professional version isn't expensive for what it offers. The program includes a powerful editor with code highlighting and collapsing, HTML autocomplete, a code inspector, an advanced PHP debugger, FTP/SFTP support, a SQL manager, and support for version control systems. CodeLobster supports WordPress, Magento, Drupal and Joomla!, of course.


website securityUseful Joomla! security extensions

Joomla! is a secure CMS right off the bat, but each new extension that's added to it has the potential to introduce unknown vulnerabilities. The article below highlights several extensions (plugins) that can be used to boost security. Read it and you'll discover Centrora Security, which includes a built-in malware scanner, Brute Force Stop, which stops brute force attacks by blocking the unwanted IP addresses, the powerful Security Check web firewall, and more.