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ecommerce web design


I have built hundreds of successful ecommerce stores, so I know how to design websites that will help your business meet its goals. I can create mobile-ready sites that allow your potential customers to order products quickly and effortlessly, using their cell phones.

Your site needs to load fast and must be optimized for search engines. Your website visitors should be able to locate the products that they are interested in within seconds, and then order them without any delay. I utilize the latest web design technologies to make sure that these goals are met as well.

I create websites that are easy to manage without knowing anything about PHP, HTML, and so on. You will have the ability to add new products, categories, blog posts, images, etc. by utilizing a user-friendly interface. I can also tweak and improve existing Joomla!-based websites.



web developmentWEB DEVELOPMENT

I offer a full range of web development services, creating solutions that run on a great variety of platforms. I am a skilled Joomla! developer, but I can also help if you need some PHP code, HTML and/or CSS development.

graphic designGRAPHIC DESIGN

Your site and marketing materials need to look professional, and this boils down to having impressive graphics. I provide custom graphic design services for companies (and budgets) of all sizes. Contact me for a fair price quote.


Increase conversion rates by using a landing page that practically forces website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, try a demo of your software, or purchase your products and services. I use proven designs, and then tweak them to perfection.

website supportWEBSITE SUPPORT

Keep your site in good order by using my website maintenance services. I update the CMS and all its extensions, making sure that everything works ok. I discover and fix HTML errors and broken links, and I back up the website and its data regularly.